Easily Generate Authentic Leads
From Twitter Through AI

SMleads uses AI to dig through the entire Twitter feed to
identify qualified leads with purchasing intent

lead through direct brand mention

No more Applesauce.
Identify Leads Talking
About Your Brands

Don’t just track all the tweets with the keyword phrases. Get those particular tweets which are high on purchasing intent. Identify those users early, initiate a conversation quickly, and close swiftly.

lead through competitor mention

Get Your Foot in the Door. Grab Users Talking to Your Competition.

Users are smart. They talk to at least three different vendors to get the best deal. Have they initiated a conversation with your competition yet? The sooner you find out, the longer time you get to sway them away from your rival.

lead through particular keyword phrases

Fetch Leads based on Keyword Phrases

Potential leads sometimes search for expert opinions. They look for suggestions on Twitter. Find them and suggest them the right solution. Deliver value on-time to convert a random prospect into a customer.

SMleads Delivers a Steady Stream of Qualified Leads Deploy The AI Engine
To Do The Heavy Lifting

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